"Thank you Katie and Claire exactly what so many vets (and nurses) need at exactly this time."

MRCVS Graduate 2021

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Congratulations on considering investing in yourself. We want this decision to be right for you, and that Vet Empowered group coaching is a good fit. We offer a free discovery call for every applicant to answer your questions and chat through your current situation to make sure that we'll resonate moving forward. Our previous graduates will vouch, we are invested in this being the right thing for you as a vet, vet nurse or other member of the profession. If you're 100% all in, you can jump on board right away as the programme is now rolling, but please make sure you've read our FAQs section on the Signature Programme page - this is really important.

These calls are zero pressure, zero obligation; they're a chat. We are both kind, caring and non-judgmental, as well as being experienced vets. We want the best for you, whether that is signing up right now, or if there's a different path for you. Whether you're 100% sold already and have the odd question, or you're dipping a toe in and have questions, book a 15minute slot. 

You can book in a Zoom chat with Claire below, or if you can't find availability, drop us an email.

Other enquiries about how you can work with Vet Empowered, or join our increasing number of corporate partnerships for this veterinary coaching revolution? Contact us here.

I'm under the care of a mental health professional,therapist or counsellor right now, can I still do this?

If you are under the care of a mental health professional and wish to sign up for the Vet Empowered Signature Programme, you must discuss this with them before signing up. Sometimes coaching and therapy can run concurrently, and sometimes it is better to wait. The whole Vet Empowered team speak openly about how helpful this has been in our own stories and challenges. It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure they liaise with their medical team. We are always happy to chat through individual circumstances after you've spoken with your medical team, get in touch via email or book a call in.