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Congratulations on considering investing in yourself. We want this decision to be right for you, and that Vet Empowered group coaching is a good fit. We conduct a free discovery call for every applicant to answer your questions and chat through your current situation to make sure that we'll resonate moving forward. Our previous graduates will vouch, we are invested in this being the right thing for you as a vet, vet nurse or other member of the profession.

These calls are zero pressure, zero obligation; they're a chat. We are both kind, caring and non-judgmental, as well as being experienced vets. We want the best for you, whether that is signing up right now, or if there's a different path for you. Whether you're 100% sold already, or you're dipping a toe in and have questions, book a 30minute slot. 

You can book in a Zoom chat with Claire or Katie, check availability below (There are two Calendly links, keep scrolling and check both). If you prefer a phone call, let us know when you book in.

Still seem a bit scary? We're doing a Q&A on Zoom on June 28th 2021, which will be a taster experience of what it is like being a part of Vet Empowered. You can ask questions anonymously, keep your camera off, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Sign up here for free.

Other enquiries about how you can work with Vet Empowered, or join our increasing number of corporate partnerships for this veterinary coaching revolution? Contact us here.