"After completing the 12 week Vet Empowered course I cannot recommend it enough. The content that Katie and Claire have chosen to include within the programme and the manner in which it was presented was brilliant and truly life changing."

Vet Empowered Graduate 2021

What is group coaching and how does it all work?

Join Katie and Claire in the below video for a Q&A session. Let us explain and demonstrate:

  • What is group coaching?

  • How does it work?

  • What is 'clearing the space'?

  • What is journaling practice for vets and nurses?

  • What if I'm scared of speaking up in front of a group?

We've got you. Grab a pen and paper, get comfortable and join us for a 60minute taster session.

If you missed the FAQs from the home page, check them out here:


Is this for vets or nurses?

This is open to all veterinary staff.


When does this start?

Start date confirmed: Our next waves start in May/June 2022.


Will sessions be recorded?

All sessions will be recorded in case you miss a call, but will only be shared amongst those in the group.


Will there be any 1:1 work?

All sessions will be in groups and potentially small breakouts.  Groups can be extremely powerful and enable you to share wins with your peers. We do offer additional 1:1 options.

I'm not sure, how can I ask questions?

Book in a free discovery call with Katie or Claire. There is no obligation to sign up, we want to make sure this is a good fit for you, as much as you do. This is not therapy or counselling, and sometimes we will redirect people to different sources of help, to remeet with us at a later date.​

Will my practice count this as CPD?

Many of our previous Vet Empowered graduates have had this paid for by their employer in the UK. This is a discussion to have with your team. We have created a PDF guide which explains the programme more formally, including CPD implications.

Can I join across the globe?

Currently our sessions take place at 8pm (UK - BST in Summer), but if demand sufficed we can create additional waves to cater for other timezones. Please do submit interest and we can see how we could make this happen!

Can I see some testimonials?

Yes, we have a whole page here.