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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hey, so you want to know more?

Awesome, we love what we do and we can't wait to answer your questions. Have a look below to see if we cover it there too.

You can get in touch with us in a number of ways:

How do I sign up?

You can do this directly on our online course provider, HERE - you'll also find our shorter plug-and-play courses there too. If your practice prefers to be invoiced, please drop us an email and we can arrange for you to be added to the programme and generate an invoice.

If you are unsure whether this is the right thing for you, we are always happy to organise a free, no pressure discovery call. In fact, they're usually a chilled out cuppa, with an appearance or two from our own pets. Rest assured, they're completely confidential and we have finding out your best interests at heart.


When does the Vet Empowered Signature Programme start and finish?

You can now access and get started any time, and you'll have either 6months or 12months from when you sign up, depending on which option you choose. You'll have access to the signature content modules right from the start, and we explain how to get the most out of the programme in a way that suits you. We usually encourage people to jump on board at the start of the month.

I want to dip a toe in and get a feel for what you do, how do I do that?

We have lots of plug-and-play courses and workshops available, which you can check out here. Keep an eye on our @vetempowered social media for updates on the free webinars that we run with guest speakers too. If you join our mailing list, you can access a free team session too.

How long do I have access to the Vet Empowered Signature Programme?

You can choose either 6months' of 12months' of access. We have plenty of those who've already been a part of the programme sign back up to continue being a part of what we do - at the end we explain your exclusive discounts if you wish to do that.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you're unsure, we'd suggest booking a chat or dropping us a message - we dive into this more further down the FAQs. Our greatest priority is to ensure this is the right thing for you, or whether we need to re-meet at another time.

Is this life coaching and transformational programme for just vets or nurses?

This is open to all veterinary staff. We have had vets, vet nurses, practice managers and animal nursing assistants be part of this so far.

Will sessions be recorded?

All of our signature content is available to view on demand, along with your workbook, resources, and other webinars. The live coaching sessions are not recorded but are available each Wednesday at 8pm BST/GMT. The prompts from the journalling and meditation sessions are shared in the group WhatsApp chat, and a bank of meditations are available.

Will there be any 1:1 work?

All sessions will be in groups and potentially small breakouts. Groups can be extremely powerful and enable you to share wins with your peers. We do offer 1:1 at an additional investment, get in touch if you'd like to discuss this as an option.

Will my practice or workplace pay for coaching as CPD?

Many of our previous Vet Empowered graduates have had this paid for by their employer in the UK. This is a discussion to have with your team. There are PDF downloads available on our website if you wish to show them further information.

"The RCVS does not accredit or otherwise 'kitemark' activities designed and marketed by training providers as CPD, as it considers that members should identify and plan their CPD to meet their own individual skills and knowledge developmental needs as practising vets." - RCVS


Vet Empowered works on the individual skill sets that allow vet professionals to care for themselves in practice, progress safely and look after their wellbeing long term, as well as create a life aligned with them. It is the responsibility of the vet or nurse themselves to log and reflect on tasks. Vet Empowered will issue a CPD certificate.

Please note, we are not yet RACE accredited.

I already completed an earlier wave of the 12 week Vet Empowered course, is this for me?

You can 100% join back in and re-engage. We remember each and every one of you, so if you'd like to come back in and have longer with us, access to group sessions and to see our most up to date signature content, please dive in. If you haven't heard from us already, drop an email to as we'd love to offer you a discount.

Can I see more testimonials?

Yes, we have a whole page here.

Can I learn more about the veterinary coaches at Vet Empowered?

Yes, here you can read all about the team.

I'm a bit worried about the group coaching for veterinary professionals aspect.

We hear you, nearly everyone that comes on board worries about this, and then almost without fail, it becomes one of their favourite parts. We're more than happy to chat through your worries and concerns.

Can I sign up a colleague or employee for group coaching?

Becoming a part of this is a mutual agreement, and whilst we absolutely welcome you to propose this as an option to a team member, we'd need them to consent to it as well.

I'm under the care of a mental health professional,therapist or counsellor right now, can I still do this?

If you are under the care of a mental health professional and wish to sign up for the Vet Empowered Signature Programme, you must discuss this with them. Sometimes coaching and therapy can run concurrently, and sometimes it is better to wait. It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure this is a good fit for them by liaising with their medical team. We are always happy to chat through individual circumstances, get in touch

If you're not sure where to look for a mental health professional, check the BACP website or speak with your General Practitioner.

Is this online or in-person?

This is run online via this platform and via Zoom (you'll receive the links inside the online course).

Will I be able to ask questions along the way?

You have access every Wednesday to a coaching session with our founders, so please do! You can also drop these into the WhatsApp group so we can collate them ready to ask at the next session.


What is included in the Vet Empowered Signature Group Programme?

  • Join a group transformation

  • Choose to join for 6months or 12months to be immersed in the Vet Empowered energy.

  • Access our core signature content

  • Access weekly group coaching calls: Wednesdays 8pm BST/GMT

  • Access group personal development group discussions, the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Ongoing support with group Whatsapp with other changemakers

  • Accountability within your group to ensure you take the actions you’d choose - you deserve it.

  • Group co-working reflective journalling and meditation sessions weekly - Sundays 7:30pm BST/GMT

  • Clinical and non-clinical scenarios covered (imposter syndrome, decision making, boundaries, and more)

  • Be part of something unique, we haven’t seen this covered elsewhere in our profession before.

  • You’ll find simple and profound methods for re-framing situations.

  • You’ll learn how to connect with the real you, and figure out what you want.

  • You’ll learn about the 4 choices we have in any situation.

  • You’ll learn how to take action in doable ways, knowing how to step past the inner critic towards self-compassion and freedom.

  • You’ll find out which one trap we all fall into which sabotages us, and what we can choose to do instead.

  • You'll improve your confidence.

  • Lean into powerful ways to set boundaries

  • Learn how to raise your energy and put yourself in the frame of mind for opportunities.

  • We’ll give you a toolkit full of tangible techniques to keep flexing the muscles of what you learn long past these 12 weeks.

  • Upto 52 hours of CPD

  • You'll join a high energy group of like minded and like hearted people.

  •  And much, much more – this course gives you everything you need to begin to step past your inner critic, create long-lasting mindset shifts and learn about what YOU really want.

We asked:

How would you describe Vet Empowered in one sentence?


  • It brought so much positivity to my life - Priya, Veterinary Surgeon.

  • I'd describe it as a emotional and uplifting journey to finding yourself (yes i used the 'j' word). - Rachel, Veterinary Nurse.

  • A powerful experience filled with self love, confidence and appreciation. - Rachel, Veterinary Surgeon.

  • Vet Empowered helped me gain more insight into myself and realign me with what I value most. - Lindsay, Veterinary Surgeon.

  • Life changing - Anon, Veterinary Surgeon.

  • An incredible support system and community. - Beth, MRCVS

  • Vet empowered has planted positive seeds of change and I am so excited about the future and the growth that is to come. - Tracy, Vet

  • It's a game changer - Fiona, Practice Manager

  • A great experience to start me on the journey to being myself again.

  • This process has supported me in ways I never expected and gave me more than I ever could have imagined, just when I needed it most.

  • Insightful, challenging and empowering!

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