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Discover how coaching can change your life with
The Vet Empowered Coaching Guide!

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Ever wondered what the fuss about coaching is about? Curious, but not sure if its for you as a human AND veterinary professional?

We got you.


Coaching not only transformed our lives, but hundreds of those we work with too. And nope, coaching isn't just for if you're struggling or want to be 'a bit more efficient' at work; it can be empowering AF. We are here to re-write the story on this, and to help you see how coaching can be lifechanging.

With this value packed download, you'll be inspired and one step closer to seeing what YOU need.

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Why listen to us? 🔥

We are the veterinary coaches that you don't want to miss. We're authentic, compassionate and most importantly: empowering. We've worked with hundreds individually, and spoken to thousands across the globe. We are creating a movement in this profession towards empowerment and reconnecting you with YOU. (We are also highly experienced and trained vets and coaches, but once you know us, you'll know we aren't about leading with post-nominals).


We are DONE with the term 'soft skills' and making these topics seem like a nice extra. We are also done with boring, uninspiring and unrelatable content - death by Powerpoint, no thanks. Whether you're ready to make changes in work, life or move from surviving to thriving and living - nab your guide and see if coaching is what you need right now.

Oh and let's call out the elephant in the room. We didn't hate being vets and leave to be coaches - we actually loved what we did, our business just took off! We do keep a hand in practice wherever we can - we told you were are real.

This is what our community say about coaching....


What's in the guide?

Seeing coaching pop up on your newsfeed and not sure if its for you? Never heard of it? Does it give you the ick? Are you interested but it seems like a minefield? Wherever you're at, let us set the record straight and help YOU. 🔥

We have veterinary professionals just like you in our inbox every day asking these questions - and we are grateful that we get to help them find their answers.

  • In this PDF jam packed with secret sauce and gold (that's totally free btw) you'll discover the who/how/why/when/where and what of coaching so that YOU can take your next step. We also talk about what coaching isn't and other types of support too.🔥

  • What if a 20 page PDF could finally clear up all the misconceptions, myths and roadblocks to getting support? 🔥

  • Imagine for a minute how it might feel to be clear on whether this is for you or not? Imagine understanding your options and next steps around coaching support...🔥

  • We cover everything from what coaching is and isn't, to the founders' personal coaching stories and insights into the difference coaching could make to YOU in vetmed and beyond.🔥

  • You'll learn to spot green flags for coaches so that you know you're in good hands. 🔥

  • You're going to discover what's different about Vet Empowered too. 🔥

  • Imagine how much time you could waste looking for this information online, when we have collated years of expertise and insights into one PDF for you...

"Olympic athletes all have coaches... and funnily enough it's not just because they're struggling."

- Katie Ford,
Vet Empowered Founder

If you believe that coaching in veterinary medicine is if we are behind in life, you have been sold a lie. This can be one of the most empowering things can do for our lives and careers and in the PDF you will get the lowdown, for FREE. This is regardless of career stage, experience or post nominals - you are a valuable human. Don't get us wrong, not all coaches are the same, but we dive into what to look for in a coach too.


If you're skipping the non-clinical streams at conferences (and definitely if you're missing our events!) you're missing out and doing yourselves a disservice. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Proudly different.

Done with dulling ourselves down, squeezing into boxes and waiting for permission... at Vet Empowered, we make things happen.

If you're sat wondering "is this how things will be for the next 20 years of my career?" then you're in the right place. We truly believe that it is possible for everyone to build sustainable and fulfilling paths in this world, and we know this because we help others with it every day!

Our message is that you were always valuable - and self-care is a pre-requisite rather than a weakness, it is because you matter. Time to get to know you. That's before we set any more big (unaligned) goals, pursue more certificates or sign up for any more clinical CPD.


Download the PDF, find out a bit more and learn a load along the way.

We are proud to have worked alongside a number of veterinary graduate schemes, spoken at major veterinary conferences and appeared in global publications. PLUS we regularly run our own events.

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