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The 21 Day Reconnect

Are you a veterinary professional feeling a bit lost?

Ready to reconnect with yourself and make positive changes? ✨

Join our 21-day self-paced programme led by certified coaches and experienced vets, Claire and Katie. The best part is that each day is less than 5minutes of content to digest.

Katie and Claire share powerful exercises, practical tips, meditations, and thought-provoking prompts. This is a commitment to yourself. Let's make a difference together.

Plus it's 3hours of CPD.

Investment: 99GBP + VAT

This link will take you to our online teaching platform to make your secure purchase.

Hey, can we ask you some questions?

​Are you a veterinary professional feeling a little bit lost?

Are you looking to rediscover your spark and realign with what it means to be you?

Are you ready to say “enough” with dreading Monday and willing on Friday? (And then remembering that we are in the veterinary profession and often we have to work weekends too)

Are you a veterinary professional feeling a little bit lost?

Are you keen to set healthier habits that last?

Are you curious about dipping your toe into personal development and discovering more about yourself, but making an investment into coaching feels uncomfortable or just not possible?

Would you be willing to commit to yourself for the next 21 days? ✨

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading. 😇

Life moves so fast, especially in our line of work. It’s a weird place to be - you know that when people are really not feeling good, they should speak with a medical professional, but then there’s an odd middle ground. 👀


Things are kind of ok, but the secret sauce seems to have been misplaced. 🥫

You feel like you’ve forgotten who you are. You hear others say that and panic a little bit - what does that even mean? 😨

You have heard people bang on about you not being your job title, but what else? 🤔

You’re not sure what you want or how to get there? 💙

So many dreams and goals that you’ve said no to yourself on, what next? 🧞‍♂️


Bobbing along in a bit of a fog. 🌫

The OK Club isn’t really what you signed up for, right? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Maybe you need a few more qualifications, or a new job, some more CPD, to start a business or a side hustle… and then maybe it’s best just to start again on Monday. 📅

No, hmm, next Monday. ⏰


Hot take. What if you just need to spend some time reconnecting with you? 🔥🔥🔥

Yeah, but hooooow?

✨That’s where we come in.✨

The 21 Day Reconnect is the perfect first step into personal development and self-exploration. Plus, it's super digestible - we've all been there after a hectic day and the last thing we need is a one hour webinar every night for 21 days. So, you can expect each day to last less than 5minutes. We promise a small amount of time can have a HUGE impact.

🎁 What you get:

1️⃣ Daily powerful exercises and techniques to reconnect with yourself, delivered by Vet Empowered founders Katie and Claire

2️⃣ Insights and wisdom from experienced veterinary coaches

3️⃣ Guided meditations and prompts for self-reflection 

4️⃣ Tools to set healthier habits that last

5️⃣ A workbook to guide you through the process as you log 3hours of CPD

💫 How those who have completed it tell us how you might feel:

✅ Reconnected with your passions, purpose, and inner joy

✅ Empowered to know that change is possible when you commit time to yourself.

✅ The chance to dip a toe into Vet Empowered (many have gone on to sign up for the Vet Empowered Signature Programme)

✅ Inspired and motivated to make more changes

✅ More confident and connected

Doesn't this sound pretty awesome? We think so. The best bit, if you decide to purchase and then upgrade to the Vet Empowered Signature Programme, we'll refund you this 21 day course.

Feedback on the 21 Day Reconnect

This just what I've been looking for - bitesize, manageable and so much joy each day. Thanks Claire and Katie x

How does this course work?

IMPORTANT - This part is for your wellbeing

Please note that this course is not a substitute for therapy, counseling, or individual coaching work. The actions taken by participants are their own responsibility, and they should use their judgment regarding the appropriateness of implementing any concepts discussed in the course, understanding their individual circumstances. It is advisable to consult a medical professional before starting or continuing the course if there are any doubts. The course content is provided for educational purposes only and should be considered as suggestions. The suggested timescale is not binding, and results cannot be promised or guaranteed as every individual is different. Vet Empowered encourages participants to discuss their personal circumstances and seek additional support as needed.

The course provider and instructors shall not be held liable for any damages, losses, or injuries resulting from the participation in the course. Participants are expected to maintain confidentiality within the group and respect the intellectual property rights of the course materials. While Vet Empowered strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the course content may not always reflect the latest developments or research. Any testimonials or success stories shared by previous participants are individual experiences and may not be representative of the results that every participant will achieve. By enrolling in the course, participants acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

We do not routinely offer refunds - for further information please email us.

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