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Personal Development & Coaching for the People of the Veterinary Profession:

With a Difference

Vet Empowered is a veterinary-led, personal development and coaching game changer, founded by Katie Ford and Claire Grigson in 2020. We have over 25years' experience in practice, and still continue to work on the ground too.

We offer the transformational Vet Empowered Signature Programme veterinary group coaching experience, workshops, 1:1 coaching and bespoke packages to boost confidence and allow individuals to thrive.

Above all, we value authenticity, compassion and energy. Vetmed needs genuine connection, and we believe in being 'real'. Our work goes way beyond the consult room, we do not care how many extra qualifications that you have - we treat you as a human.

Katie Ford and Claire Grigson - Vet Empowered Founders

"I cannot recommend Vet Empowered highly enough. It is truly the most relevant, enlightening, empowering, life-changing experience." - MRCVS, 2021 (Veterinary Coaching attendee)

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The Signature Group Coaching Programme for Veterinary Professionals.

This transformational experience is beyond career and life coaching.

Katie Ford and Claire Grigson in field

Meet founders Katie Ford & Claire Grigson. Our founders have over 25years of experience in clinical practice, as well as over 10years experience in coaching.


From confidence to habit setting, check out our selection of veterinary personal development courses.

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We could not be more proud of the impact that we create. Check out the testimonials from the vets and veterinary nurses that have been coached by us.

Katie Ford and Claire Grigson MRCVS

To provide high quality, empowering veterinary personal development content and support to professionals in animal-related industries. We strive to remind every individual that we come in contact with of their inherent value, and leave them with an impression of increase. We create a community of supportive, likehearted professionals where they can connect and support each other.

We are proud to do things a bit differently here.


Kindness | Fun | Authenticity Collaboration | Gratitude | Compassion | Energy

-Amy, RVN

Vet Empowered helped me gain more insight into myself and realign me with what I value most.
- Lindsay, Veterinary Surgeon. (Many of our community join looking to build veterinary confidence and beyond).

Katie Ford Claire Grigson Vet Empowered
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Vet Empowered was founded in 2020 by Katie Ford and Claire Grigson, both vets and certified coaches, trained in a number of modalities. We are passionate about Reconnecting you, with YOU.

What We Offer


Vet Empowered Veterinary Confidence Coaching

"Katie Ford & Claire Grigson, the support that you have given to so many of our recent graduates is absolutely invaluable. When grads use phrases like 'life changing' and 'my self awareness has sky rocketed' you know you've signposted them into safe hands."


Graduate Programme Lead

A group coaching container lasting 6-12months aimed at veterinary professionals.


Bespoke Webinars & Workshops

We provide webinars and workshops around a wide range of topics. Live events are run in collaboration with Introducing Events Ltd.


Monthly Webinars

We love adding value to the community, so regularly invite guest speakers for free webinars, open to all.


1:1 Coaching

We offer a range of coaching services to veterinary professionals from our team of certified coaches.


Online Courses

Want to get started right away? We have lots of highly rated workshops and courses that you can access immediately.


Want to know more about what we do, or take a copy to show to others. View our full brochure.



Self Awareness Self Compassion

We truly believe that everyone should have the chance to reconnect with themselves, and understand what is truly important to them as individuals, treating themselves with compassion as they raise their self awareness. The gift of coaching and holding space to consider this can be pivotal both inside and outside of work. We work with people beyond their job titles, and feel privileged that our veterinary experience adds in a relatable, mentorship aspect to our work too. Although we have worked with a wide range of professionals, we find that the majority of our clients are early career professionals; a fantastic time to go through this experience.


Both founders of Vet Empowered have experienced the lifechanging effects of coaching, and still continue to work with their own coaches and mentors.




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Katie Ford Claire Grigson Vets
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